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hardwired coaching

We will tell you what it takes decades to learn about a person, in 7-9 minutes, measuring the part of them that doesn't change and can't be faked

Using the most reliable psychometrics available, we exist to help you: 

  • Find what's hidden - in people where untapped potential can be unleashed 

  • Free what's stuck - in situations where limiting factors can be removed 

  • Fix what's broken - in crisis where unspeakable damage can be prevented 

We've all seen them: personality tests designed to make us more self-aware: "You are an E, S, T, J" or a "lion vs otter" and a "Wing 3w2"- descriptions that end up in a drawer. Then there's the alluring social media surveys that tell us what Disney character we resemble or whether we would be chosen for Gryffindor or Slytherin: tools that trick us into giving away details about ourselves to those who want to market to us online.

While there is nothing wrong with gauging our personalities, they change. Depending on our station in life, what mood we are in, what we ate for breakfast, and whether we are at odds with someone relationally, our results can differ drastically from week to week. 

At Hardwired Coaching, we are interested in measuring what no one else is measuring: that part of you that doesn't change and can't be faked. We are after your hardwiring. We believe that everyone on earth was put here with a unique capacity to make a positive difference in the world, for the good of others. We also believe that capacity is largely untapped, least understood, poorly stewarded, and in many cases, severely warped.

In a world flood​ed with labor-intensive and unreliable assessment tools, which change 20-40% within weeks, and with 76% of individuals in the workforce admitting they are unfulfilled in their present role, we believe it's time to bring the latest advancements in psychometric analysis to the tactical world, the boardroom, the sports arena, the counseling desk, your local church, or even into your home. We will help you measure what no one else is measuring, so you can do what you were made to do. 

How does the CVI compare to other assessments? This helpful article will tell you what you need to know: CLICK HERE

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 The Core Values IndexTM (CVI) is the most accurate assessment tool available, and unlike any other leadership profile on the market. It measures hardwiring, not personality. With a 97.7% repeatability score, it is the fastest and most reliable way to learn who you are at the core of your being. Contact us to learn more. 

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