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unleashing your innate potential

We believe that everyone on earth was put here with a unique capacity to make a positive difference in the world, for the good of others. We also believe that capacity is largely untapped, least understood, poorly stewarded, and in many cases, severely warped. Hardwired Coaching was established to help people awaken and activate their truest self with an assessment and strategy that:

  • Identifies and motivates top performance at every level, especially under pressure 

  • Fosters a culture of interdependence in team dynamics 

  • Optimizes instructional rhythms based on measurable learning styles

  • Guides individuals towards the wisest and most fulfilling life decisions  

  • Mitigates and manages personal and interpersonal crises

In a world flood​ed with labor-intensive and complicated personality assessment tools, which change 20-40% within weeks, and with over 70% of individuals admitting they are unfulfilled in their present role, we believe it's time to bring the latest advancements in psychometric assessments to the corporate boardroom, the sports arena, your local church, or even into the marriage and parenting in your home. Let us create strategies and solutions that are right for you. 


We've complied a team of leaders who are proven experts in their field, who will be emotionally committed to your mission. Click below to meet them.


 The Core Values IndexTM (CVI) is the most accurate assessment tool available, and unlike any other leadership profile on the market. It measures hardwiring, not personality. With a 97.7% repeatability score, it is the fastest and most reliable way to learn who you are at the core of your being. Take a free assessment today:

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