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Getting the right people to do the right thing at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason 


Let's face it, you are taking a risk on anyone you entrust with responsibility. Most of the time, we are guessing at who they are and what they bring based on the persona they project and the testimony of a few of their best friends, but likability and personality can only get someone so far. It's not until they roll up their sleeves and get to work that you find out whether you were right or wrong, a potentially costly mistake. At Hardwired Coaching, we can tell what capacity someone has, how much, and to what degree... in seven minutes. Looking to put the right people in the right spot? We can help you identify, align, and focus training on the people that give you the greatest advantage of success, in the following areas:  


Do you have a vacancy ​in your organization that needs to be filled? Let us find the top performers for you and let you choose between the best options. We will partner with you to create the best job description for your company and help you find the ideal candidate. If needed, we will help you evaluate the health of your organization and use the transition to posture your future for success. We will do the legwork of recruiting candidates, the time-consuming work of resume sifting and background checks, and the heavy-lifting of preliminary interviewing. You get to enjoy the fun part of the process - onboarding the ideal person and watching your company flourish. In addition, we can help you assimilate your new hire into the rest of the team so that everyone performs at optimum effectiveness and joy. Refuse to settle for who you have or hiring with the risk of "hope it's a good fit." We can do it in most cases, in less time and for far less than most search firms. 

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The cry for "reform" is deafening, but the efforts under way to defund or dismantle police is no solution to public safety. Using the best tools available, we give police the greatest advantage of success in their public service, but in a way that provides greater enhancement, not greater restraint - an answer that restores trust in communities, while upholding and maintaining justice. For the last three decades, The Core Values Index been proven to be the most accurate and reliable in measuring an individual’s hardwiring. Now in the law enforcement world, we bring a proven method for recruiting, screening, hiring, training, promoting, and where appropriate correcting officers, with exacting precision. In addition to identifying top performers for each role within the department, we will identify the individuals and situations that present the greatest risk of police brutality. We can measure a person's ability to spot problems, take decisive actions, minimize risks, cultivate loyalty, and execute with precision in high stakes situations. We can identify the upside and downside of a tactical officer as we help you pair him with his team, engage with his community, or in the case of executive protection, fit him with his client. 


Honing core leader attributes and developing core leader competencies is an on-going challenge for any organization, but particularly for the Armed Forces of the United States military, with their commitment to serving community, state, and national interests. While our Armed Forces have tremendous history, training, and tools to address its needs and requirements, we believe The Core Values Index (CVI) can be an effective supplement to the military's treasure of resources. For the last three decades, the CVI has proven to be the most accurate and reliable tool in measuring an individual’s hardwiring. Using the CVI, our training provides specific insight into a person's ability to read the moment, spot problems, maintain level headedness, take decisive actions, minimize risks, coalesce teams, cultivate loyalty, and execute with precision in high stakes situations. Our training has proven to be effective in a variety of sectors, and we believe it meshes well with the military’s values-oriented history and its focus on the development of committed, competent, and honorable professionals focused on the ethical, effective, and efficient accomplishment of the mission. Regardless of rank, MOS, or military unit, we believe we can assist in building men and women for service and leadership both as citizens and Soldiers.

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What makes a good corporate executive? And how can a good executive align the people within his or her company to flourish in the right position, keep them achieving at their best, and performing motivated for more than a paycheck? Learn how to leverage your top performers, when to activate them for casting vision, creating systems, solving problems, taking action, weighing risks, conserving resources, and minimizing conflict. In a world where more than 75% of people confess to being in the wrong job, let us help you get the right people doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way, with the right results. 

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Navigating through these uncertain days is something you don't have to do alone. Using the most reliable psychometric assessment available, and with a proven track-record of lives changed, we provide private practical solutions to address essential life issues such as: conquering fear, anxiety and worry; walking through the darkness of depression and despair; preparing for a marriage that lasts; restoring a marriage after an adulterous affair; weathering divorce and remarriage; essentials in successful parenting; how to blend families together; conflict and resolution; substance and addiction abuse, PTSD care; removing the shame of sexual abuse; moving forward after losing a loved one; personal job/career guidance, and much more. Come and find the hope you need to keep going and get unstuck (Hardwired Coaching does not accept insurance. Call or email for a direct quote for billing information and scheduling availability). 

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What if you could coach athletes based on their hardwiring, and activate their innate potential on and off the field? We offer you the ability to understand how players think and act under pressure, how they learn and adapt to different coaching philosophies, how they are prone to thrive or struggle in their positions, and how to motivate them in their battles against fear. Our assessment gives you the ability to measure the intangibles that underly their talent, and help them be victorious after the season is over. 

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Forget about the 80/20 rule. Get the fast track to knowing who you have, where they fit, and how to put them to work shouldering kingdom responsibility from the start. No more waiting on the sidelines - move your participants into partnership. Whether you are an established church who needs to develop the next layer of leaders, are a team stuck with dysfunction and division, or are a pastor in need of preaching help, we can serve you. Or maybe you are planting a new church and want to know if you have what it takes, and who should join you in the endeavor, let us help you assess your team and map out a strategy to launch.


Small business owners face unique struggles every day just to stay in business. Without the deep resources of large corporations, small businesses work hard to just generate revenue, let alone add staff, and turn a profit.  The earliest decisions are the most crucial and volatile, especially when it comes to hiring. Studies have shown that hiring the wrong person can cost at least $50,000-$75,000 per individual. Hardwired Coaching will help you identify and optimize each person’s role within your business, then assist you in finding the top performers who will generate maximum potential for your company. 

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We call it Casting You: an innovative strategy for discovering and unleashing the best talent in the film industry. Starting with the screenwriters, we can give you the keys to writing a truer script, one that is accurate and believable, where you can give a flair and nuance to characters that is more engaging and convincing, especially your villains. We can help you audition the right cast and bring out the best in your actors and actresses,  who will give you the most precise and authentic performance. Finally, we can tell you what is happening in the minds of your audience as they watch your film, where they connect to it, and how to keep them in their seats asking for more. Learn to make a film that is on the mark for your target audience, and is satisfying to you. 


Let’s face the facts: some schools are reform schools. Some schools are blue-ribbon schools. Some schools change lives. Every day…because of the people. They are what we call transforming schools. These schools have some of the best people in the world working with the next generation of leaders. The word teacher, for many has been a long-standing word that is associated with hero. But in some schools, the heroes are discouraged, overworked, challenged, pressured, and have felt like quitting. According to a Labor Department report, more teachers quit the profession in 2018 than any other year on record. Some of them were bad teachers, but many of them were great teachers. So how can we retain today’s heroes and transform them into SUPER heroes? What if a 10 minute assessment and a half day of training could transform the way a teacher teaches? What will keep these modern-day heroes in front of the next generation of leaders? The super hero teachers are the ones who know who they are first. Teachers who know themselves are equipped to understand their students. This training, coupled with the Core Values Index helps teachers to go from surviving to thriving in the classroom. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cape and let’s get started!

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